Being a responsible business

Being a responsible business encompasses all aspects of the way we work, from the way we treat our colleagues to our supply chain and our impact on the environment. We have clear policies and ambitious targets to ensure we take a consistent best practice approach and keep improving.Read more about our Responsible Business Fundamentals and our progress against our commitments and targets in our Responsible Business Report and our Performance Data appendix. Our 2020/21 Responsible Business Report will be published in June 2021. 

Employee safety

We aim to create a positive culture and support our 77,000 colleagues to look after their mental, physical, social and financial health. We’re training our leaders on how to support this and we’re helping our HR teams to identify colleagues experiencing mental health issues, so they can access the right support.

Responsible sourcing

We want to ensure that the raw materials in our products are sourced responsibly and used efficiently, reducing their environmental impact and protecting workers and communities in our supply chain. We aim to achieve peat-free bagged growing media for plants by 2020, are creating a leather roadmap to promote more environmental practices in the leather industry and aim to manufacture plastics products from at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.


We are working to identify and phase out chemicals of concern, so customers can enjoy safe homes – this is also good for workers in our supply chain and the environment. We aim to phase out the highest priority hazardous and high-risk chemicals of concern and introduce five green substances by 2026.

Waste and recycling

We aim to use resources carefully, reducing the waste we produce, finding new ways to reuse and recycle and helping our customers to do the same. Our target is zero waste to landfill by 2020 and 90% of waste recycled by 2025.

Governance and ethics

We’re strengthening our approach to managing responsible business issues, further embedding our commitments into our governance structures. In 2019/20, we established a new Responsible Business Committee (RBC), reporting to the Board. The RBC will lead and oversee delivery of how we operate as a responsible business.

Case study

Inspiring our customers to act for nature

During 2019, B&Q sponsored a giant bee ‘pit stop’ outside London’s King’s Cross Station. The installation inspired people to help reverse the decline in the bee population by planting bee-friendly flowers in their gardens and outdoor spaces.



We will become an inclusive company



We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable



We will be forest positive and help tackle climate change


We will fight to fix bad housing