We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable

We will make it affordable for millions of customers to have homes that are well insulated, energy efficient and affordable to run, free from harmful chemicals, made from sustainable, long-lasting materials and have beautiful, natural gardens that also welcome birds and wildlife.

We’re transforming our ranges and embedding sustainability in our products, using our Sustainable Home Product Guidelines. The range includes products that support our Six Principles of sustainability.

Our target

  • 50% of sales to be from our Sustainable Homes Products by the end of 2020/21

Case Study

Designing with sustainability in mind

Our new GoodHome kitchen range has been built for durability, with warranties of up to 25 years offered. The range includes energy-efficient appliances, and all wood used is FSC or PEFC certified. Some of our kitchen cabinets are even made with recycled bottles. 

Read more about our Products priority and our progress against our commitments and targets in our Responsible Business ReportOur 2020/21 Responsible Business Report will be published in June 2021.



We will become a more inclusive company



We will be forest positive and help tackle climate change


We will fight to fix bad housing



Being a responsible business