What is GoodHome?

GoodHome came about from years of observing real life in homes of every shape, size and period all over Europe. We spoke to thousands of people and we listened carefully to their stories.

We saw what a nightmare home improvement can be, how often it can go wrong and how unaffordable it can be for some. But most importantly we learnt that a home people feel good about makes them happy. 

what we stand for

We believe a good home should be functional and comfortable, fitting in with family needs, green outside and in, resource and energy smart, with lasting quality and style. It should be coordinated to look good and, of course, it must be safe and healthy.


making home improvement accessible for everyone

We don't want to leave anyone behind on our mission to create good homes. 
We can only get there by keeping all of our costs low, and creating the solutions - offer and services - that are needed to achieve projects successfully, ensuring that the improvements build on the good architectural features of the home. 
Making home improvement possible for many, not the few, is a tough challenge.
There is only one way to get there: always simplifying everything we do

truly useful innovations

The best new ideas put people first. To create good homes, we need to develop useful solutions to everyday needs and make home improvement easy. That's why we decided to be more than a retailer and become an innovator and designer. 
As a design-led company we build a deep understanding of our customers' lives and needs. We utilise and apply this understanding when designing our products and developing our unique solutions, putting the end-user at the heart. 
For example, our Romesco sinks help you make the most of your kitchen space, with space-saving integrated accessories that help turn your sink into a space-efficient, multi-functional work area. 

making it simpler

We're always looking for ways to make life a little bit simpler. Putting up a new fence can be tricky. Our Neva fencing has easy to assemble modular panels, with unique designs and multiple colours to fit your space and taste – making it easier to turn your outside space into a place you love. 

romesco - smart space sink

always great quality, always great prices 

People count on us to bring them the best quality, at the best price, whenever they shop with us. Through economies of scale and smart design, we prove that quality does not have to drop with price. GoodHome value is about unique, everyday affordable, lasting solutions. For example, our rimless Cavally toilet.


We want to make sustainable products more accessible than ever before, ones that are good for the planet and good for the wallet. So we’ve developed a range of taps with in-built aerators that help you use up to 40% less water without you even noticing.


Home improvement projects can often leave people feeling lost and overwhelmed. But they are still willing to learn. That's where our people's knowledge and expertise comes in. Digital technology is a great way of helping people and sharing what we know. But it cannot replace the experience of colleagues and the trust customers have in them.
Our online bathroom planning tool helps you design and visualise your new bathroom. Find out more planmybathroom.diy.com.