GoodHome Foundation

Good homes have never been more important.

But today millions of us live in rooms, apartments and houses that are too small, too dark, too cold, too damp. For many others, even a place like this is a distant dream. For too many of us, this isn’t just the harsh reality of life today – it’s the only future we can see.

But we know that a home is not just a shelter, a space or a commodity – a place to survive or sleep?  A good home is essential to human life. To dignity. To health and happiness. To building relationships and strengthening communities.

That’s why we’re committed to helping as many people as we can know what it’s like to fall asleep feeling safe, warm and dry; to wake up surrounded by the things they love and the colours they’ve chosen; to welcome family and friends to a home they feel proud of.

Simple things, but the things that make life worth living.

We will help more people know what it’s like to have a good home. Because good homes change lives.

We are launching the GoodHome Foundation, a network of in country charitable foundations located in each of our key markets, UK, France, Poland, Romania.

We want to make good homes and home improvement accessible to everyone. But for some people that’s just not possible. We want to reach out to those who need it most in our local communities to help everyone have a home they can feel good about.

We will give our money, time, skills and products to help others across the communities where we operate. The GoodHome Foundation network will bring our purpose to life and helps us to demonstrate that good homes really do matter.

Please contact for more information.