Our ambition

Our ambition is to become the leading home improvement company. And we're just getting started.

People want to cherish where they live and are willing to spend time making their homes better. But the home improvement journey can be a nightmare for people, with many barriers – ideas, cost, time, skills, or just everyday life – getting in the way.

We have visited thousands of homes across Europe, watching how people live and listening to our customers. We were excited by what we learnt. People’s home improvement needs are more similar than different.

People are brave and resourceful. They are willing to try, to learn and to do more in the home. There is so much untapped potential. If we can simplify home improvement and make it more accessible and harness the knowledge and passion of our people, then we can play an important part in challenging the status quo and make a real difference to our customers.

ONE Kingfisher – with One ambition and One purpose

We chose to change. We chose to line up our collective strengths behind one clear purpose: to create good homes by making home improvement accessible for everyone. Being accessible means delivering the right solutions at the right time with great quality and consistently fair and affordable prices. We know that even the smallest project can make a big difference. If we can create affordable, well designed products and share our knowledge with our customers, then we can help people make a house a home. Help them turn the place they live into the place they love. We can only do this with our 77,300 colleagues, working together towards one ambition: to become the leading home improvement company.

Pursuing our ambition means operating in a totally different way

ONE Kingfisher means we collaborate and do things together once. By working together and bringing together all our talents, we can make millions of people happier in their homes. Our customers are everyone wanting to improve their home. And those who help them – friends, family, expert home improvers and professionals. From inspiration to installation. From building to maintenance. We know how to remove hurdles, how to simplify things for customers and help them find the solutions they need. By doing this, we make home improvement accessible to millions of people.

We’re one team with a common passion for home improvement. Just as we want our customers to love where they live, we want our people to love where they work. So, we’ve made a promise to our colleagues. We want our colleagues to develop, grow and thrive with us.

We want to be an employer that allows colleagues to get more out than they put in, that helps them build skills for life and enables them to be themselves.

We use technology to create a seamless customer experience. Making it easy for customers to move from online to store. Or store to online. Making it easy for us to share our expertise with one click or one visit. From ideas and advice to planning and installation, when our customers get stuck or lost, we’ll be there to answer their questions. And we’ll complement our improved digital capability with stores that offer inspiration and support for customers, as well as ultimate convenience.

We have already unified over 40% of our ranges – making these products available to our customers at everyday prices that they can trust. By doing this we’re developing deeper collaborations with fewer suppliers, in a simpler supply chain.

We are more than just a retailer selling other people’s products. We’re designing and developing our own innovative product ranges. We excite customers with these new ranges that are unique to us.

And we build in sustainability everywhere. We start with what matters most to our customers, our colleagues and our communities. We help people save money by saving energy and water. To live smarter by getting more from less, by re-using or using longer.

We are a purpose-driven organisation, meaning we are becoming a better employer for our colleagues; a better partner for our suppliers and communities; providing a better experience and more relevant offer for our customers; and by being a more valuable investment proposition for our investors.

We are aiming to create a leading, innovative home improvement company. One that is people-driven, international and standard-setting. A company that helps create good homes by making home improvement accessible for everyone.

Understanding our customers: the home improvement ecosystem

We believe that our market is a large ecosystem, 
rather than traditional, separate segments.

Home improvers

Our customers are the millions of home improvers who want to improve their homes; whether they be an owner or a renter, whether they live in a flat or a house, whether they have a garden or not. Some of them have home improvement skills, some don’t. Some of them have money, some less so.


At the heart of our customers’ lives are their homes. It is where they raise their families, see their friends and express themselves through design and decoration.


Outside help is often needed to get things done right, especially for bigger jobs or where people lack skills or confidence. This is when they call on their helpers. This could be the family member or neighbour who is willing to get involved, or a professional tradesperson.

The tools

A home improvement project invariably starts with digital inspiration, such as finding ideas online, watching ‘how to’ videos, comparing prices and using planning tools, to touching and testing products and seeking advice and support from colleagues in stores.