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News feeds


Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology that allows you to receive the latest Kingfisher plc news directly to your browser.

How to get RSS

Most browsers will let you add RSS feeds automatically so the easiest way to receive RSS updates is to use your browser toolbar. Simply click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions.

Note: You will need to have the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Alternative ways to receive RSS feeds

Use a feed-reader site

Sites such as Netvibes or Google Reader can store and organise RSS feeds. Sign up to one of them, then return here and copy the link you want into the feed-reader’s ‘Add content’ box.


Download feed-reader software

Software such as Feedreader and FeedDemon also store and organise RSS feeds. Download software from one of these sites – it's often free – and copy the link you want into the ‘Add content’ box.