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E-comms FAQs


Electronic shareholder communications – answers to common questions

The Company offers an electronic communications service for its shareholders, whereby shareholders can choose to receive statutory company information electronically, rather than in hard copy. Shareholders who decide to register for electronic communications will receive an email each time the company publishes a statutory document, which will contain a hyperlink to the Company's website. Shareholders will also have the opportunity to cast proxy votes on line.

Outlined below are some commonly asked questions in relation to this service. If you cannot find the answer to your query, please contact us.

Why have I been sent a letter regarding e-communications?

Whilst the Company has been able to communicate electronically with shareholders under the Electronic Communications Order which became effective in 2000, more recently the Companies Act 2006 has introduced legislation that allows companies to communicate with shareholders by electronic and/or website communications.

The changes approved by the shareholders at the AGM in 2008 allow the Company to communicate with shareholders by electronic means. Before the Company can communicate with a member by means of electronic or website communication, shareholders must be asked individually by the Company whether they agree to this method of communication. Shareholders can respond with a positive response or if they do not respond within a period of 28 days, are deemed to have consented to receiving electronic communications.

The letter you have received is inviting you to choose how the Company communicate with you.

Why hasn't this been offered before?

The Company has offered shareholders an electronic communications service for some time, but only when a shareholder has positively opted into the regime. Given the changes in legislation, as outlined above, the Company has decided to offer this service to all its shareholders.

Why should I register for electronic/website communications?

The Company would like to invite you to join the growing number of its shareholders who have opted to receive their shareholder communications electronically and have dividends paid directly into their bank account.

What advantages does the service offer?

  • Receive shareholder communications as soon as they are published
  • Save time and money for the Company and its shareholders
  • Help reduce our environmental impact

Is there a charge for this service?

There is no charge for this service.

What documents could/will I receive electronically?

Once you have signed up for, or been deemed to have elected, to receive electronic communications you will be sent an email each time the Company publishes information for shareholders or makes a major announcement. The email will contain a link to the Company's website, where you can view the announcement or document(s).

Announcements will include the half year and full year results. Documentation will include notification of the publication of the Annual Report and Accounts. Together with an interactive version of the Report and Accounts on the website will be the Notice of Annual General Meeting, a facility for on-line proxy voting and general information of interest to shareholders.

Can I still obtain a hard copy of the Annual Report?

If you decide to receive communications electronically, or are deemed to have elected to receive them electronically, you will still be able to obtain hard copies of all Company documentation by writing to the Company Secretary at the Company's registered office address at: 3 Sheldon Square, Paddington, London W2 6PX.

Why have you asked me to provide you with an email address?

We are asking for an email address from those shareholders that would like to receive communications from the Company by electronic means. Every time the Company publishes information for shareholders you will be sent an email, which will include a link to the Company's website where the document can be found.

Will you give my email address to anyone else/will I receive unsolicited emails?

The Company (and Computershare) is obliged by law to make certain information contained within its register of members available for public inspection. The email address provided by you in respect of the service does not form part of this information and shall not be made publicly available. Unless you check the opt-in box on the registration form, the Company will not send you company-specific product and/or marketing information as a result of your registering for the service.

Can I register using a friend's email address?

You can register using any email address however you may only want to do this if you have access to the email account on an on-going basis. You may consider setting up your own web-based account for this purpose.

Can I register my email addresses at home and the office?

Only one email address will be accepted per shareholding.

I am a joint shareholder, can I receive an email?

As with hard copy documentation, on share accounts with more than one account holder the first named person will be registered as the named account holder, therefore only this person can elect to receive electronic communications.

What if the email you send to me is not received?

If there is a delivery failure there will be two more attempts made to contact you by email. If these attempts fail then the Registrars will contact you at your last known postal address to let you know that the emails have failed.

Please remember that if you change your email or residential address, you should tell the Registrars.

Do any other companies offer this service?

Further to the changes in legislation, many companies within the FTSE 100 now offer shareholders the opportunity to receive company documentation electronically.

How do I register?

If you wish to register for electronic communications, you can sign up by visiting www.computershare.com/investor/uk/ecomms and registering your details.

Why do I have to provide my shareholder details when I register?

We need you to confirm your details for your own security.

What if I change my mind?

You are free to change your mind and receive hard copies of shareholder communications at any time. Simply access www.computershare.com/investor and enter your shareholder details and update your preference.

How do I change my email address if I need to?

If your email address changes, simply follow the same steps again and change your address.

Please remember that if you change your email address you must tell the Registrars.