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Board Diversity & Inclusion Policy

  1. Purpose
  2. This policy sets out the approach to diversity and inclusion in respect of the Board of Directors of Kingfisher plc. The Policy is intended to assist the Board, through the work of the Nomination Committee, in creating and maintaining optimum Board and Committee composition.

    A separate Kingfisher Group Diversity Policy (which also covers inclusion) applies to all employees in the Kingfisher Group of companies.

  3. Policy Statement
  4. Kingfisher believes in the value of diversity and inclusion throughout the company. It is Kingfisher’s policy to maintain and develop the diversity of its Board of Directors without compromising on the calibre of new directors appointed and for it to operate within an inclusive environment where all Board members can fully contribute, be listened to and do their personal best.

    Appointments to the Board should be based on merit while complementing and enhancing the existing diversity of skills, knowledge, and experience of the Board as a whole. We consider diversity to include diversity of background, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs and age, as well as of culture, personality and work-style.

    The Board notes the 2016 Hampton-Alexander Review target of 33% representation of women on Boards by the end of 2020. As at the date of this policy, this has been met. The Parker Review (October 2017) has proposed the target: “Beyond 1 by ’21” (at least one director from an ethnic minority background) in the period to 2021. The Board aspires to meet these targets as part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  5. Policy Objectives
  6. The Nomination Committee will engage with Executive Search firms in a manner which enhances opportunities for diverse candidates to be considered for appointment.

    The Nomination Committee will support Board-level diversity throughout the Succession Planning process.

    The Nomination Committee will support efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the senior management pipeline towards executive and non-executive Board positions.

  7. Monitoring and Reporting
  8. This policy and progress against its objectives will be reviewed annually and the annual evaluation of the Board will consider its diversity and inclusiveness.

    The Nomination Committee is responsible for the implementation of this policy and for monitoring progress towards the achievement of its objectives and the Chairman is responsible for the operation of the Board within an inclusive environment.

    A summary of this policy, and of the progress made in achieving its objectives, will be disclosed in the Annual Report & Accounts.

Last updated 12 March 2019