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B&Q launches ‘The Nature of Gardens’ report

In partnership with Bioregional, home improvement retailer B&Q has published a report exploring people’s attitudes towards supporting wildlife, and showing how gardens can be beneficial for plants and animals, as well as people.

The report found that 67% of people were concerned for wildlife in Britain, and 63% found a benefit in bringing wildlife closer to home. However, it revealed that one in five people with small gardens do nothing to support plants and animals, citing lack of time, space, money, and knowledge as barriers.

Although scientific evidence points to the benefits of connecting with wildlife – including better mental and physical health – it’s not always obvious for customers how to get those benefits. To address that, B&Q has created a list of ‘10 Simple Steps to Bringing Wildlife Closer to Home’ - simple solutions for supporting nature, showing that helping wildlife is more accessible than most realise, even in small outdoor spaces.

B&Q’s Sustainability Manager, Rachel Bradley, commented: “Until we commissioned this report we didn’t realise quite how important our gardens could be for nature. And while we’ve always known that people love connecting with nature in their gardens, we’ve found overwhelming evidence that garden wildlife and greenery is good for us too. We want to help everyone to do a bit more to bring nature closer to home, and to enjoy it more too.”

‘The Nature of Gardens’ report is supported by the RPSB, Butterfly Conservation, Royal Horticultural Society, and the Wildlife Trust.

Read the report here

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