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What's new

In this section you will find information about what’s new at Kingfisher - from new products and services available to our customers, to new stores launched in the 10 countries in which we operate.

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Kingfisher UK, TradePoint

A new trade offer called TradePoint will be rolled out across all larger B&Q UK stores in 2010.

TradePoint combines Screwfix's know how and specialist trade brands with the convenience of B&Q's store location and long opening hours. It is specifically designed for trade customers, with over 12,000 trade-only products available, including bricks and blocks, paint, kitchens and bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, tools and fixings. TradePoint will be open seven days a week, up to 15 hours a day with guaranteed stock availability, fast service and competitive prices. As a joint initiative between B&Q and Screwfix, TradePoint is a good example of Kingfisher's businesses working more closely together.

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