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01 Sep 16


If you smoke 40 a day, there’s a plethora of tools, treatments and techniques freely available to help you quit.  Despite wide-spread recognition that smoking is harmful, self-help solutions for one of the world’s most prolific smokers are still sadly lacking. Indonesia went on its most prolific smoking binge last year, with forest fires burning some 2.6m hectares of land in a five-month period.  An estimated 500,000 people suffered respiratory problems as a result. 


28 Jul 16


Not everyone loves spreadsheets and calculations as much as I do. So how can you turn a mountain of sustainability data into engaging, useful information?


11 Jul 16


Rachel Bradley is B&Q’s Sustainability Manager. On 26th May 2016 Rachel was recognised at the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, wining the Unsung Hero category. She was nominated by two of her team, shortlisted by a panel of expert judges and voted the winner by the public. We caught up with her for 5 minutes recently to see how the news was sinking in and to find out more about her role at B&Q.


26 May 16


How do you successfully deliver sustainable products in a competitive market? You have to get to the people behind the products. Pierre Royer was speaking at the Bio-Based Products Europe conference in Amsterdam on 24th May 2016.


27 Apr 16


Jeremy Parsons secured central budget for Kingfisher to invest in renewables. But capital is one thing, and confidence another, he tells Alex Duff.


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