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Our ambition

Our ambition is to become the leading home improvement company. We believe everyone should have a home they feel good about, so our purpose is to make home improvement accessible for everyone.

In 2015, we were faced with a choice: disrupt ourselves or face being disrupted by new, agile competitors. We were a good company, built by hard-working colleagues, with solid sales and profit, and 1,200 stores across 10 markets. Our scale wasn't used well enough.

We were also not leveraging the massive potential of our markets. People always want to cherish where they live and will spend money to make their homes better. And with more people living in less space, within older houses and looking for more comfort, the home improvement market is large and growing. But the home improvement journey can be a nightmare with many barriers: lack of inspiration, budget, time, skills, or even just daily life.

People wanted help with home improvement. We visited thousands of homes across Europe, watching how people live and listening to customers. We were excited by what we learnt: people's home improvement needs are more similar than different; people are brave and resourceful, and willing to try, to learn and to do more in the home.

This untapped potential is our opportunity to play an important part in challenging the status quo and make a real difference for our customers.

This, coupled with our untapped scale, meant we had to reconsider our purpose and renew our ambition. So we chose to change.

We chose to line up our collective strengths behind one clear purpose: to make home improvement accessible for everyone. That means delivering the right solutions at the right time with great quality and consistently fair and affordable prices. And we are now 78,000 colleagues working together towards one ambition: to become the leading home improvement company.

Pursuing this ambition means operating in a different way: collaborating and doing things together once. With global functions and local businesses working hand in hand we can be more challenging, more efficient and more competitive. Each colleague has a unique role to play. Read more about our People

We have a framework for action that guides everything we do, and will help us achieve our ambition and be the first-place people turn to for their home improvement needs. Read more about our framework for action

We are for everyone who wants to improve the home: architects, professionals, helpers, and the home improvers themselves. We want people to be successful whatever their home improvement projects are: to build, re-build, maintain or personalise the home. Read more about our home improvement ecosystem

With the ONE Kingfisher plan, and united under our common purpose, we will know better than anyone what our customers need, how to remove the barriers and hurdles, and provide unique solutions to home improvement problems. We will make home improvement accessible for millions more people.

At the same time, we will be a better employer for our colleagues, a better partner to the communities in which we operate, and the suppliers with whom we do business. We will also be a more responsible business, and a more valuable investment proposition for our investors. Read more about our sustainability plan here

Our ambition is to become the leading home improvement company. And we're just getting started.

Understanding our customers: the home improvement ecosystem

We believe that our market is a large ecosystem,
rather than traditional, separate segments.


To learn more, see our home improvement ecosystem on page 11
of the 2017/18 Annual Report & Accounts (PDF 4.50Mb)

Our framework for action

These are the seven actions we will do together to achieve our ambition.

  1. – We will think of customer needs first
  2. – We will design a seamless customer process
  3. – We will create a unique and leading offer with an integrated supply chain
  4. – We will create a leading customer experience in our stores
  5. – We will be a truly sustainable company
  6. – We will work as ONE
  7. – We will be low cost always


The ONE Kingfisher plan, is leveraging the scale of the business by creating a unified company, where customer needs always come first. Our intention is to deliver a £500 million sustainable annual profit uplift by the end of Year 5.