Partnering with Shelter to help more people have a good home

Home improvement is often a challenge. But for those living in poverty or who are isolated or vulnerable - the difficulties can seem insurmountable. We want to support people in these situations to improve their homes.

Laura, Shelter Client

Laura’s son Elliot has serious health conditions and was being frequently admitted to hospital as a result of mould and damp in their council flat. Shelter helped Laura move into a new, more suitable home which she is decorating with the support of Steve, a DIY Skills Advisor.

“Elliot suffered really badly in the flat. He was constantly in hospital because the mould affected his chest. Shelter are the only people who have helped me, not just with getting a house but with every other problem I’ve had. It’s amazing to have their help with the DIY.”

Boosting confidence and self-esteem

Through our new partnership with Shelter, the UK housing charity, we’re funding the work of DIY Skills Advisers. They help people who have recently been rehoused to improve their homes. They teach their clients new skills and in the process boost their confidence.

Shelter clients are often in very difficult circumstances. They’ve been through experiences like homelessness or domestic abuse that have severely affected their confidence and self-esteem. The support of the DIY Skills Advisers can make a huge difference to their lives.


We’re getting our colleagues and customers involved too

Since our partnership began in 2017, we’ve helped 240 families to create homes where they can feel safe and comfortable. We’ve also hosted DIY workshops for Shelter clients in-store, and our colleagues have carried out several home makeover projects to help those most in need. Thousands of our employees and customers have got involved in raising money for Shelter.

In 2018, we’ll be doing even more with our partners - getting more of our people and customers involved to make an even bigger impact.

we’ve helped


families to create safe and comfortable homes

Fatima, Shelter Client

Fatima suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after she and her family escaped persecution in Libya. Shelter supported Fatima to move home but her daughter’s bedroom in the new property was painted bright green — the national colour of Libya which triggered Fatima’s PTSD. Fatima had never painted before and lacked confidence, and had no money spare to buy paint and materials. With the support of a DIY Skills Advisor she was able to tackle the project which made a big difference to the family.

“[The DIY Skills Advisor] was so friendly and skilful. The colour is fabulous and I like it so much, especially because the previous colour was so bad and reminds me of my sad time.”