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How we're doing

We launched our sustainable growth plan in January 2018 with four big goals and 12 targets, focused on the sustainability issues that matter most to our customers.


We are making good progress so far and are on track to meet our targets across seven of our 12 key areas. That includes achieving 32% of our sales from our sustainable home products - those that help customers create good homes while having a positive or much lower impact on people and the environment.

Our performance is summarised below and explained in full in our Sustainability Report 2017/18. For an overview of our progress you can also read our sustainability highlights.

Progress on our four big goals

Save money by saving energy and water


Enable a 50% reduction in customer energy use through our products, services and advice.



So far our energy saving products enable a 32% reduction in home energy use.

We’ve also enabled a 45% improvement in customer home water efficiency and cut our carbon footprint by 16%.

Live smarter by getting more from less, re-using or using longer


20 products or services that help customers get more from less, reuse or use longer.



We’ve launched 3 products and services so far, including our easyGrow and ProGrow garden products.

We’ve also reached 97% responsibly sourced wood and paper in our products and 67% peat-free bagged growing media.

Create a healthier home and connect with nature


20% of sales enable customers to create safer, healthier homes and connect with nature.



In 2017/18, 6% of our sales came from products that help customers create a healthier home or connect with nature.

We also made progress on our chemicals target, developing a roadmap for phasing out priority chemical groups.

Be part of a community that helps millions more people improve their home


Help millions more people tackle poor and unfit housing through strategic partnerships and local action in all our markets.



We’ve launched two strategic partnerships so far with Shelter and Red Cross.

We also made progress on our target to ensure suppliers meet our ethical and environmental standards. 40% of our suppliers now use the Sedex platform and we continued rolling out ethical audits for high-risk production sites.

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