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Managing Sustainability

Sustainability should be a natural part of the way we work every day. We are focussing on integrating sustainability into every aspect of the business and are establishing strong governance processes to oversee our work.

Leadership from the top

Sustainability, as a pillar of the ONE Kingfisher business strategy, is the responsibility of our Chief Executive Officer. This responsibility is discharged to our Chief Customer Officer, who is a member of our leadership team and reports directly to our CEO. He is responsible for integrating sustainability across the customer journey.

Our Group Sustainability Committee (GSC), a sub-committee of our Group Executive, leads and oversees delivery of our strategy, monitors performance against our plans and targets and reviews sustainability risks and opportunities. It includes senior executives from our digital, purchasing, property, people and community functions and our operating companies. The GSC meets at least twice a year.

Our Board receives regular updates on our sustainability performance. Identification and management of risks relating to sustainability, at an operating company and Group level are incorporated in our strategic risk assessment processes.

Operating companies and Group functions report progress against our targets to the Group once a year. The results are reviewed by our operating company CEOs and senior directors at Group level.

Our sustainability teams

Our central sustainability team develops and leads implementation of our sustainability strategy and engagement with our stakeholders. It provides oversight of governance across all areas of sustainability and is a source of expertise for the business. It works closely with sustainability leads in our operating companies and Offer and Supply Chain function and with our group purchasing, digital and retail operations to embed sustainability into how we work. The Kingfisher Sustainability Network is a monthly forum for our sustainability experts.

Products and sourcing

Our Offer and Supply Chain (OSC) function sources and develops our ranges, including our unique and unified product offer and is responsible for ensuring the availability of our products and their delivery to our stores and customer homes. Our OSC sustainability team works with our buying offices, product leads, designers, engineers and product communication experts to integrate sustainability into our offer using our sustainability policies, Sustainable Home Product Guidelines and our sustainability roadmaps for each category.

Training and engaging our people

We need to give our people at all levels the knowledge and skills to help customers create sustainable homes. We are investing in training and capacity building from induction through to in-depth sustainability modules for product teams. We launched a new introductory e-learning module, ‘Sustainability & You’, for our colleagues in our Offer and Supply Chain function, which explores how sustainability is relevant in different roles.

We also want to develop a shared understanding among our leadership that sustainability and commercial success go hand in hand and many of our leaders have completed programmes at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Stakeholder engagement and partnership

We engage with a wide range of stakeholders to understand their views, learn from their expertise and share our approach and performance. Our stakeholders include our customers, investors, people, suppliers and regulators as well as NGOs, the media and other organisations working on sustainability and business issues. We also partner with many sustainability organisations and experts to help us progress towards our goals and encourage change beyond our business. Examples of our engagement and advocacy are included in our Sustainability Report. There you can read a perspective on our performance from Sally Uren, Chief Executive of Forum for the Future.

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