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Our sustainable growth plan

Our sustainable growth plan is our roadmap up to 2025, setting out the next stage on our journey towards being a net positive business.

Our sustainable growth plan has four big goals that will help us achieve our purpose to create good homes by making home improvement accessible for everyone. These are underpinned by 12 outcome-based targets.

Our plan prioritises the issues that matter most to customers and will maximise our positive impact on their homes and lives. We have retained many of our previous targets while also extending our focus to new and important areas such as health and wellbeing. We will be ambitious in our own operations too, cutting our carbon footprint, driving resource efficiencies and eliminating waste.

six priorities

Adding value for our business

Our sustainable growth plan aims to kick-start innovation through new product ranges and alternative business models and to stimulate new ways of working across teams and functions. It provides a clear and accessible framework that our customers can relate to and that our people can engage with and implement. We believe it will make us a more attractive place to work for our people and a better place to shop for our customers. It will drive growth and help us deliver our ONE Kingfisher business transformation programme.

Our targets and scoring methodologies have been developed with sustainability organisation, Bioregional, who are experts in the development of sustainable communities and in measuring and monitoring sustainability performance. Wherever possible our targets reflect established frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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