We are committed to doing everything we can to make a positive impact for society so that all our homes – including our communities, our forests and planet – can flourish.  

Our Responsible Business strategy identifies four key priorities where we believe we can most help bring about positive change on some of the big challenges facing society.

These are, Colleagues: working towards being a more inclusive company, Planet: helping to tackle climate change and create more forests than we use, Customers: helping to make greener, healthier homes affordable, and Communities: fighting to fix bad housing.

You can read more about our responsible business strategy here, and in our Responsible Business report and Performance Data appendix.

Our 2020/21 Responsible Business Report will be published in June 2021. In the meantime, see our Responsible Business pages of our 2020/21 Annual Report and Accounts.


We will become a more inclusive company


We will be forest positive and help tackle climate change


We will help make greener, healthier homes affordable


We will fight to fix bad housing